Snakebyte Makes Lite Work: Shipping New Range of Protective Accessories for Nintendo Switch™ Lite

Just in time for the launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch™ Lite, snakebyte distribution GmbH announces the shipping of a new range of accessories for use with the Nintendo Switch Lite, designed to protect the console without getting in way of the gaming. Designed for use on-the-move, any manner of scratches, dirt, shocks and drops risk damaging the Switch Lite, which is why the TRAVEL:KIT™, CARRY:CASE™, SCREEN:SHIELD PRO™ and GAMING:BUMPER™ from snakebyte protect the Nintendo Switch™ Lite from all sides.

The CARRY:CASE™ for Nintendo Switch™ Lite is perfect for protecting your new console. Stylish, understated and replete in the three primary colors of the Nintendo Switch Lite range, the CARRY:CASE™ protects against dust and shocks and offers practical storage for the new console. In addition, a protective flap offers storage for up to eight game cards, keeping your gaming collection arranged and safe for on-the-go-gaming.

The TRAVEL:KIT™ makes travelling with your Switch Lite a breeze. A selection of accessories designed for travel, the kit includes the protective CARRY:CASE, complete with safe and stylish protection for console and eight game cards, as well as a set of in-ear stereo headphones, a lengthy 1.8 metre USB charging cable for quick charging on the move, as well as a set of controller caps to protect the thumb sticks against wear and friction.

The SCREEN:SHIELD PRO™ is a must-have for all owners of the Nintendo Switch™ Lite. The 5.5 inch display is well protected against scratches via the 9H tempered glass protector. Various micro fibre cleaning cloths are included in the package to ensure dust-free application.

The GAMING:BUMPER™ offers precise protection for the Nintendo Switch™ Lite when in play. Snuggly fitting around the console, the robust cover perfectly housing the Switch Lite, offering cushioned protection against falls and impacts. All controls are left fully accessible, so play is not interrupted at any time.