SimCity and EA Maxis Veterans Launch Debut Indie Project: Fort Stars

Magic Fuel Games, a start-up founded by four veteran EA Maxis and SimCity developers, today launches its long-awaited debut title, Fort Stars.

Fort Stars is a next-generation mobile game that allows players to create and customise their own fortresses, each containing a Throne Room that must be protected at all costs. How the player guards their own Throne Room is entirely their choice, and is achieved using an innovative level editor that combines the depth of PC sim-builders with the elegance and simplicity of mobile touchscreens.

The four founders of Magic Fuel Games have more than 60 years’ combined experience at Electronic Arts, having worked on significant triple-A games such as The Sims, Spore, and numerous others up until the group’s final project at EA, SimCity (2013).

“We’re overwhelmed with pride and excitement to finally release Fort Stars after three years of incredible hard work,” said Kevin Shrapnell, Chief Executive at Magic Fuel Games. “With Fort Stars, we saw an opportunity to bring all our years of PC and console games experience to the power and convenience of mobile.”

In Fort Stars, players can safeguard their own fortress with a wealth of strategic options at their disposal, from magic-infused trap-rooms to fully armed swordsmen, fearsome cannon turrets, and even monster-sized guardians that prowl the fortress floors.

Building an impenetrable fortress is just one part of the complete Fort Stars package. Another major game mode spins the defence concept on its head by allowing players to invade other players’ fortresses after assembling a legendary team of raiders.

From a starting roster of 17 Fort Stars, players can create their very own all-star squad and invade armed fortresses using mind-blowing magic spells, ridiculously satisfying skill-shots, and screen-shaking brawls.

Crush the enemy with the fearsome Barbarian. Electrify opponents with the Runemaster. And land the perfect arrow with the Ranger. All 17 heroes can be upgraded, and Magic Fuel will be adding more heroes in regular updates after the game’s launch.

Magic Fuel Games was established in 2015 and secured funding from Chinese giant Seasun Games. In 2018 it expanded its partner network further after signing a publishing deal with the London-based start-up, PlayStack.

Harvey Elliott, the Chief Executive at publisher PlayStack, added: “The pedigree of talent at Magic Fuel Games is a huge draw for us, and seeing the team’s incredibly creative ideas evolve in this debut title has been inspirational. We’re delighted with the result and see big things for Fort Stars.”

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Fort Stars goes live today on the iOS Apple Store and Google Play.

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About Magic Fuel Games
Based in San Leandro, California, Magic Fuel Games was founded by four Electronic Arts development veterans in 2015. The studio is on a mission to deliver innovative and engaging experiences for players worldwide.

About PlayStack
PlayStack is a new breed of publisher bringing world-class expertise with a drive to support and promote innovative games from a new generation of game developers. PlayStack offers end-to-end funding, publishing expertise, and tech to build a strong gamer audience and community to empower developers. For more information visit

About Seasun Games
Founded in the mid-90s under the Kingsoft Group ( 3888.HK), Seasun Games was one of the pioneers in the online gaming industry in China. The company’s roots are in the PC gaming era with its first online game debut in 2003. Since then, Seasun Games and the JX series of MMOs has become an iconic brand of the martial arts genre with a diverse range of game studios and development platforms. With multiple acquisition projects in the US and the UK, it is currently exploring opportunities in the diversified gaming landscape, and expanding its reach in the game publishing field. The company is ready to work with talented teams and individuals globally to broaden its experiences and expertise.