Show Us What You Got! Era of Celestials Levels Up the Legion Wars With a Truly Divine Battlefield 

Elysian lore speaks of a wonderland, an otherworldly place known as the Domain of Divinity; an ethereal realm reputed to contain the secrets to immeasurable wealth and power. Typically though — no one seems to knows where it is. However, those who seek it for their own enrichment can be found, gathering at Divine Battlefield, battling each other for the power and the wealth they’ve, thus far, been denied.


Divine Battlefield sees the world’s Era of Celestials servers divided into four factions, to wage war upon each other. A player’s faction depends on their legion’s faction. Daily Battlefield Quests and Timed Battlefield Quests. These require you to play daily game modes or to complete certain quests (at the Paramount Divinity map). The timed quests can only be completed within the timed game mode available daily between 1230- 1245 and 18:30- 18:45.

Timed quests encompass Battlefield Gathering and Divine Command modes, once the Battlefield Gathering is available, players can enter the map by themselves to gather all manner of collectibles from across the map, which in turn offer Battlefield Points. Killing various monsters within these instances is another handy way to earn points. The faction scoring the most points first during the allotted time wins the battle! Divine Command spawns five formidable 5 bosses across the map; the first player to kill a boss will gain its loot. However, if that player is slain in battle, their vanquisher gains all the loot.


All Battlefield Points gained are added to a faction’s total points. Once the Divine Battlefield results are tallied, rewards are issued according to the faction ranking and also according to a player’s rank within that faction; Rank 1 factions are granted weekly rewards. Divine Battlefield is available Mondays to Fridays and results are tallied on Saturdays (at 0500).

We hope you enjoy the latest Era of Celestials update and its ever-evolving Legion Wars. GTarcade will have more news on the Halloween festivities to come this month — check them out here.