ROO Let the Dogs Out? Take the New Hound System for a Walk in Rangers of Oblivion

GTarcade’s ultra-real team hunting title Rangers of Oblivion has proven a monster hit with players since its public beta release. The game passed six million registered users not so long ago and boasts a 65% day two retention rate. No surprise it keeps appearing on the App Store’s and Google Play Store’s recommended lists then.

To further augment the slew of new features in Rangers of Oblivion, every Ranger who reaches level 50 can now adopt their own hound. A trip to Batel the breeder presents players with three options: Samoyed, Akita or Husky. Once the adoption process is completed, Rangers can rename their hounds, level them up and help them learn and develop new skills. Hounds will assist Rangers during the Behemoth hunts. Choosing and teaching a hound requires some careful decision making — is it going to be the “Sic ‘em, Satan!” or “Fetch, Fido!” approach? Striking a balance between attacking and gathering resources will be key to getting the most out of your canine companion.

Born in Kesania and now resident in Silver Keep, Ruby is the granddaughter of Master Igor and a prodigious maker of weapons. Her latest offering in the war against the Behemoths comes in the form of a high-powered rifle. Following the theme of other weapons in-game, there are both physical and elemental rifles, with some of them providing critical hit rates. Variations in hunting and technique with these new weapons can be achieved by simply using different types of bullets; offering Rangers a completely diverse hunting experience. Check out Ruby’s rifle in the update and let us know what you think.

The latest game expansion offers a bunch of other reasons to be a Ranger: expect new wild souls, new powerful Behemoths (including one new giant Behemoth), some new constructions in Silver Keep and lots of awesome player events that tie in with this huge new update.