Project Freeze Takes Era Of Ceslestials’ Winterfest Into 2nd Chapter And A Week Of Fun On Google Play

First up is Project Freeze — Code Uranus. The seed of Elysian has recovered a mysterious, yet useful, material from Uranus. They used this mysterious material to make a special mechanical costume set and an all-new mount, which can be claimed at both the Cross-Server Resource Tycoon and Fairyland Shop.

Secondly, Era of Celestials’ first WinterFest now has its own special WinterFest page. Players who share this page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will receive a special gift code. Sharing is limited to once-a-day for a total of seven (can be non-consecutive) shares during the event. Those completing these shares will receive up to 2500 Rubies as well as a special costume — ‘The Iron Marshall’.

Thirdly, the Battle for Hegemony is already upon us, a brand new 30v30 PvP game mode which invites players to take a look at The Elysian Sanctuary, another map (which is proving very popular with players).

Last of all, at the end of January, players can take advantage of a new sprite system, which allows their little spiritual companions to possess their masters. Not in a sinister way, of course — it boosts combat abilities and is definitely recommended.

Look out for Era of Celestials on Google Play from January 11-18, it’s featured all week, to celebrate the inaugural WinterFest.


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