Planet Coaster Magnificent Rides Collection VOD Stream

Last night’s Planet Coaster stream went deep on the upcoming Magnificent Rides Collection, showing off how six of the rides (plus one variant) will operate in-game and providing insight into their creation with Lead Artist Sam Denney.

The VOD of the stream is now available to view, below:

Info on each of the rides is below and screenshots for each can be found here.

Mind Melt: Brutally unforgiving in the extremes, this inverted coaster will really test guests’ endurance on this recognisable classic.

Grand Carousel: Arguably one of the most beautiful and elegant fairground rides ever made, and a true community favourite. It’s fun for all the family and will evoke fond memories for anyone.

Tracker: Enhance a park’s dark ride experience with a 3D mover for up to eight guests, which spins, pitches and banks to bring the ride’s story to life.

Power Moves: A total powerhouse ride taking inspiration from travelling fairs. There’s nothing more extreme than Power Moves.

L. V.: Coaster enthusiasts have wanted to add this beautifully retro-designed coaster to Planet Coaster for a long time and it’s finally here! This superbly detailed classic features both a shuttle mode and a looping mode for maximum flexibility.

Hyperjump: Shoot for the stratosphere! The Hyperjump has loads of operations that allow players to vertically fling guests in many ways, from the classic stall and drop to the unforgiving multi-bounce.

Ascendance: A very similar experience and flexibility as the Hyperjump but with a larger capacity and going to even larger extremes.

Magnificent Rides Collection is coming to players on 18 December 2018 and features nine fantastic rides to sparkle in your park!

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