Planet Coaster 2nd Anniversary Trailer and Infographic

Frontier is celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Planet Coaster this weekend with the Two Year Anniversary Trailer and infographic featuring a ton of stats driven by our players. The trailer is premiering today on YouTube, link below, and the infographic is attached. Yep, over four million toilets have been placed in the game, that’s a fact.

The trailer, infographic and screenshots can also be found together by clicking on this link.

Additionally, later today the Planet Coaster Deluxe Pack will be available to purchase on Steam. This pack includes Planet Coaster as well as five themed packs – Spooky, Adventure, Studios, Vintage and World’s Fair. The pack, which contains over 110 rides and coasters, over 2000 scenery items and more, will be also available for a limited time at a discounted price.