As Era of Celestials continues to expand its world to players, those who’ve already levelled up (to 750 or more) should be aware there are testing times ahead, they’ll be facing some unprecedented challenges. Huge bosses with incredibly strong attribution rates are hiding in the Realms, fiercely protecting treasures from any outsiders.

However, it’ll take more than bravery and courage to defeat these new-found foes; intelligence and strategy will be more than just a passing consideration if you’re to beat these bosses and walk out with the treasures. Once defeated, you’ll have a chance to loot rare resources — such as the infamous Soul Card! On top of this, there are guaranteed extra rewards for any warrior who can rise up those weekly rankings.

These new Realms are varied: Hoar Frost Realm, Fiery Blaze Realm and Thunder Clap Realm — and, while each one possesses a distinctly ugly side, the visuals are pretty mind-blowing for a mobile RPG.

Different bosses guard each Realm, each armed with a variety of mysterious powers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fiery Blaze Realm is guarded by a boss who can spew forth an unmanageable inferno, turning everything in its path to ashes. Break into the Hoar Frost Realm and be prepared for a boss with apparently endless restore skills; you’ll need to summon something pretty special to solve that one. Thunder Clap Realm’s boss summons thunderstorms that, if you’re not careful, will simply blow you away.

You can choose to explore Divinity Realm in Solo Challenge or Group Challenge mode. These can be taken on floor-by-floor, with Realm accomplishment time determining a rating and the subsequent rewards. The Solo Challenge is open all day and the Group Challenge (four members) is open for a limited time. One week equates to a season.

Enjoy all-new Divinity Realm; warriors got to maintain in the Domain!


  • Lv.750 required to unlock the Domain of Divinity
  • Players can gain First pass rewards on different floors of Solo Challenge
  • Rewards quantity determined by the rating (Realm accomplished in good time, etc)
  • Solo Challenges will be reset every season (including rewards and floors)
  • Secret Keys can help increase the drop rate