Frontier forges ahead with new games label, Frontier Foundry

Frontier forges ahead with new games label, Frontier Foundry

Frontier’s new games label expands the Company’s portfolio into new genres and platforms

Cambridge, UK – 27 August 2020. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV, ‘Frontier’ or ‘the Company’) today debuted the first two titles from Frontier Foundry, its new games label championing quality studios from around the world. They are time-twisting turn-based combat strategy shooter Lemnis Gate, and physics-based co-op platformer Struggling. In both of these award-winning games, innovative gameplay sits at the heart of the development process.

Frontier Foundry’s mission is simple: expand the Company’s excellent game portfolio by partnering with exciting developers. With their heritage as a developer, combined with a wealth of publishing experience, Frontier is perfectly placed to offer third-party studios expertise and guidance throughout the development cycle, delivering the vision its creators intended. And Frontier Foundry’s first two games represent radically new and different propositions indeed.

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Struggling is Montreal studio Chasing Rats Games’ opera prima, putting players in the unsightly skin of a lovable monstrosity on a bizarre and outrageous adventure. Struggling is available now for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Lemnis Gate, from fellow Montreal studio Ratloop Games Canada, subverts the popular first-person-shooter genre to create a brain-bending combat strategy where past, present, and future collide. Here, players harness the power of time to out-think and outwit their adversaries in this turn-based time-loop.

Five third-party games were signed to Frontier Foundry during the Company’s last financial year (the 12 months to 31 May 2020), including Lemnis Gate, Struggling and the previously announced and currently in development title by Surviving Mars developer Haemimont Games.

“Our journey into the world of self-publishing has always been underpinned by our passion to make memorable games that create legacies and break down boundaries,” says David Braben, Founder and CEO of Frontier. “We are one of the only developer-led publishers which means we are in a great position to work with excellent external partners to help them make great games. With Frontier Foundry our aim is to build upon our experience working with and building wonderful communities around a diverse catalogue of internally developed games, and bring that experience to those external development partnerships.”

Frontier Foundry is symbolic of Frontier’s continued growth and evolution. With more partners to be announced soon, this new games label will continue to promote genre-defining games for years to come.


About Frontier Foundry
Frontier Foundry is the dedicated games label of Frontier Developments. By forming partnerships with quality external developers and leveraging the company’s proven publishing expertise, Frontier Foundry is best placed to bring players unique and memorable new games that break boundaries and create legacies.

About Frontier
Frontier is a leading independent developer and publisher of videogames founded in 1994 by David Braben, co-author of the iconic Elite game. Based in Cambridge, Frontier uses its proprietary COBRA game development technology to create innovative genre-leading games, primarily for personal computers and videogame consoles. As well as self-publishing internally developed games, Frontier also publishes games developed by carefully selected partner studios under its Frontier Foundry games label.

About Lemnis Gate
Lemnis Gate is a turn-based strategy-shooter taking place in a time loop. Tactical cunning is key to victory as you outwit your opponent in 1v1 and 2v2 matches where no two rounds are ever the same. Cerebral combat across diverse futuristic environments reward creative thinking and forward planning, letting you change the past to impact the future. With endless scope for game plans, and countless ways to execute them, Lemnis Gate is the subversive and skilful 4D FPS that changes how you think about time travel.

About Struggling
Struggling is a physics-based co-op platformer with a twisted spin on teamwork. Play solo or grab a partner and overcome challenging obstacles by controlling one arm each of an unfortunate human experiment. Use momentum to launch yourself across yawning chasms, plug waste-spewing pipes, discover complex machinery you have no business operating, and yank suspicious levers because…well why not? When even moving takes a combined effort, communication is key to keeping your cool.

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