From CD Projekt co-creator, Mudita Pure is the minimalist phone that aims to improve your wellbeing

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Warsaw, Poland – September 24th 2019: Launching today, Mudita Pure is a premium minimalistic phone designed to limit digital distractions and to improve your wellbeing in the modern world. With an ultralow Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) head value of 0.08 W/kg, a sleek design, an E Ink display, and a battery that is estimated to last up to two weeks, Mudita Pure is the perfect solution for those who want to stay connected while maintaining a healthy relationship with their phone.

The company launches its Kickstarter campaign today and offers a limited number of discounts of up to 40% for early supporters.

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Mudita Pure

With a classic keyboard, 2G/3G/4G/LTE support, an ultralow SAR value, the ability to call and send text messages, global coverage and a music player included, Mudita Pure offers essential functions. It doesn’t have anything which could cause distractions or the overload of information that we are constantly exposed to. There is no screen emitting blue light, there are no apps which scream for our attention and there is no Internet browser or social media.

Mudita is founded by Michal Kicinski, the co-creator of CD Projekt, the gaming company behind The Witcher saga and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. While Michal saw the benefits that technology can bring to everyday life, he was conscious of the impact it can have on our health and wellbeing. This is why he created Mudita, a new kind of technology company which aims to promote a more balanced life in the modern world. He says: “​ At Mudita, we believe that great things happen when we’re fully present. As tech giants and brands aim to fill our lives with more technology and limit our privacy, encouraging people to share and live their life through their devices and platforms, Mudita wants to do the opposite. Our mission is to take away the pressures of social media and our always-online attitude through education and the stripping back of unnecessary tech elements of everyday products to focus on living our lives offline. We want to help people build a more balanced and healthier relationship with technology.”

Michal continues: “​ Every day we are overloaded with information – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find inner peace. We believe that Mudita Pure can also be used as a second phone to help us unplug during evenings, weekends or holidays in order to spend quality time with our loved ones or enjoying solitude.”

Key features of Mudita Pure:

● Design​ – Minimalistic design for simple living. We took our inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions combining ZEN aesthetics with nature itself.

● E Ink display ​ – Mudita Pure has a high density 2.84” E Ink display with a resolution of 600×480 and a PPI of 270, supporting 16 grayscale. E Ink displays provide a natural, analog feel while reading and are less straining on your eyes. Additionally, it is perfectly readable, even in the strongest sunlight.

● No blue light emission ​ – A customized front light with a temperature of approximately 3800K limits your exposure to blue light, which is essential to maintain uninterrupted and healthy sleep patterns.

● Global Coverage​ – Mudita Pure is equipped with the latest multi-band global GSM module which can be used for travelling anywhere in the world. It works on 7 continents, in more than 180 countries. With more bands being introduced this is a unique feature, especially ​ for a classic phone.

● Custom Operating System ​ – Mudita Pure runs on the compact and incredibly fast MuditaOS which was built in-house with Mudita’s values in mind. With as few distractions as possible, it provides the highest standards of privacy, safety, efficiency and reliability.

● Ultralow SAR ​ – Using a patented ultralow Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) antenna with custom made shielding, Mudita Pure maintains good reception whilst minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful radio frequency energy. Based on internal tests conducted on pre-production prototypes, our engineers estimate that the head SAR value will be below 0.08 W/kg.

● Tethering​ – Mudita Pure can serve as a data modem so you can connect to the Internet via USB-C cable to a laptop or desktop computer.

● Long-lasting battery​ – No more daily charging. The large capacity battery of 1900 mAh gives you the freedom of a few days of hassle free usage. Estimated battery life up to 14 days on stand-by.

● Powerful 1W Harman loudspeaker.​ Provides high quality and natural sound, no distortion both in quiet and loud environments, essential for enjoying hands-free conversations, your favorite tunes or audiobooks from the embedded music player.

● Music player​ – It works perfectly for playing music on the go or for your yoga and meditation sessions. It supports formats: FLAC, MP3, WAV

● Meditation timer​ – A simple, built-in meditation timer will support you with your meditation practice, and a pleasant gong sound provides the perfect way to meditate.

● Made in the EU ​ – Mudita Pure is designed and developed in Europe, including final assembly. Mudita follows the European Social and Environmental regulations to ensure good working conditions for all employees.

The company launches its Kickstarter campaign today and offers a limited number of discounts of up to 40% for early supporters.

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About Mudita:
Mudita was founded in 2013 by Michał Kiciński, the co-founder of CD Projekt and co-creator of The Witcher gaming saga and Cyberpunk 2077. Mudita is an European boutique tech company. Its mission is to design consumer electronics that help to bring balance and quality to people’s lives. Minimalistic products, which don’t scream for attention or overwhelm us with needless distractions.

Mudita is a Warsaw-based international team of research and development specialists, engineers, software developers, product managers and marketing experts, driven by a mission to create great products that put physical and mental health first. The company was named after a Buddhist term for joy which has its source in the wellbeing of other people.

Mudita Pure technical specifications:

Weight 140g
Display 2.84” E Ink (600x480px), PPI 270, 16 grayscale
Material Conceptual phase
Colors Pebble Gray

MCU Arm Cortex-M7 600MHz 512KB Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM)
Memory 16MB SDRAM 16GB eMMC flash storage
Network and connectivity 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE Global LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage GSM frequencies: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and LTE (bands) Bluetooth 4.2 USB type-C Tethering: share Internet connection via USB-C
Head SAR <0.08 W/kg (over 10g)
SIM Card 2 nano-SIM card slots
OS MuditaOS (proprietary system)
Language versions English, Spanish, French, German and Polish
Audio 1W Loudspeaker, ear speaker & microphone by Harman​ ® Audio playback format: MP3, WAV, FLAC Headphone jack (3.5mm) Bluetooth audio playback
Water resistance IP54
Battery Capacity: ~1900mAh Type: Li-Po Replaceable: Yes
Sensors Ambient Light
Other White and Sunset flashlight