Forget Black Fridays: Vivian Offers Genuine 30% Damage Reduction to Her Allies This Christmas

You see, Vivian has bathed in the light of Victoria for as far back as she can recall because her mother was Victoria’s lieutenant. Therefore Vivian grew up in the aura of Victory, with her world and future looking bright, until the day her mother perished in battle; which, understandably, dampened the mood — and set Vivian on a path of punishment and vengeance.

Don’t worry though, while Vivian is righting some wrongs this Christmas, League of Angels III has some surprises in store…


Players will have a great chance to get their hands on the King’s Fall Wings of X-Server Hero League by joining the operation event this month. Also, a new Artefact Relic ‘Lunar Radiance’ is will appear (DEF Relic). Plus, new Divine Arma ‘Dragonfang’ can finally be unlocked this month.


LOA3 has launched new gameplay features this month., in the form of Ancient Trials & Ancient Treasures. Ancient Trials is as straightforward as it sounds; you need to complete the challenge trials, and when you complete the trials, you can get the rewards required for Ancient Treasures. Ancient Treasures allows you to choose the core benefits you want, then play the Ancient Treasures. If you are lucky, you can get the core benefits once, you can choose to stay and play or go to the next level.


Festive greetings, warriors! LOA3 has prepared a bumper series of events which should really jingle your bells. Let’s Party! First of all, during the Christmas Party, the elite dungeon will randomly drop small gift boxes; collect these to exchange for abundant rewards in the store. Secondly, Christmas offers a rare chance to get Gifts from Moira. So, come and join the League of Angels III Christmas Party, surprises are waiting for you!


As 2019 comes to a close, LOA3 has prepared a celebration event for all warriors to thank them for their support throughout the year. Receive rewards by simply participating in this event! Additionally, Angel’s Prime Day will be launched at the end of the year, with some angelic discounts on offer!

In a message to the fans, the LOA3 mods said:

“Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season. We hope you continue to enjoy League of Angels III and always welcome feedback on our social media channels”