Gareth Williams

Gareth’s career in videogames started in 2003 from the smallest of sparks, having created and grown a fan-site to a mid-tier outlet by 2005, before taking a role in television. After creating the UK’s first live videogames show for Cellcast UK, Gareth began freelancing for various outlets including CVG, and a host of Future & Highbury titles. In 2006, Gareth took on the role of News Editor for 360 Gamer.

Moving into public relations in 2008, Gareth worked his way up from entry level at Barrington Harvey, joining Premier as an Account Manager in 2010, occupying every position before becoming director of games in 2015. Leaving Premier after it’s most successful year, Gareth founded Little Big PR with Alex in 2017.

Favourite Game: Trials Evolution

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