Award winning Twin-Stick shooter Profane coming soon to Steam

Alternative Software Ltd., the long established ,leading independent publisher, today announced the imminent launch of twin-stick shooter Profane on Steam. Developed by OverPowered Team, Profane challenges players to defeat enemies before the clock runs out. Time is money and health, so players will have to make split-second decisions in order to take down the all the various bosses.

Profane recently received the coveted “Best Action Game” in Tencent’s “Game Without Borders” program, seeing off competition from hundreds of developers worldwide, where gameplay, visual style and narrative were key elements in the judging process.

In Profane you embody “Talaal”, with the last of an ancient God’s seven masks. Talaal finds you just in time to help fight against her vicious siblings, that hunt her to absorb the power within the mask. You are now trapped, fighting a war that is not your own, a cycle that seems almost impossible to break.

Watch the trailer here:

Profane features:

  • Customisable ability loadouts allowing players to optimize their game style
  • Competition-focused gameplay enabling you to challenge friends and beat hi-scores
  • Multiple game modes, including Rogue-lite
  • Twitch compatibility allowing viewers to affect the game, upgrading and refreshing the game experience
  • Full gamepad and controller support

Roger Hulley, Managing Director at Alterative Software Ltd., commented: “We are excited to be sharing Profane with our fans at last. We’ve had an incredibly successful beta period, and are extremely proud to be bringing home the “Games without Borders Award” for “Best Action Game 2019”. We have big plans for Profane in the future and can’t wait for players to get stuck into the game.”

Profane will soon be launched on Steam for both PC and Mac at £14.99.