Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey Free On Steam Now!

Lunar Great Wall Studios, the pioneering Italian developer, is delighted to announce the release of Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey today on Steam.

Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey is a FREE prequel story of ANOTHER SIGHT, the first game developed by Lunar Great Wall Studios which tells the story of Hodge and Kit, a young girl who has lost her sight, in a surreal fantasy adventure into the unexpected; weaving a tale that brings together some of the world’s greatest minds in Monet, Tesla, Edison and other historical cultural icons.

In Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey, players take control of Hodge the cat in a brand new, stand-alone story. Players will tackle new platforming challenges using Hodge’s nimble feline skills to solve puzzles as they uncover new mysteries as he travels between the world of dreams and reality to rendezvous with Kit at the start of their adventure below London.

Check out the new trailer for Hodge’s Journey below:


  • A New Perspective – Discover what leads Hodge to discover Kit at the start of her own adventure in Another Sight and the events that happened just before Kit loses her sight.
  • Stand-Alone – Enjoy the prelude to Another Sight in this new stand-alone adventure that you can even play without the main game.
  • Pure Feline ‘Cation’ – Enjoy a new short adventure where you are placed in the paws of only Hodge the cat! Climb, jump, meow and purr your way through a new mysterious story.

ANOTHER SIGHT – HODGE’S JOURNEY is available for FREE on Steam here.

Marco Ponte, CEO and Founder of Lunar Great Wall commented: “We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to Hodge and Kit with the launch of Another Sight earlier this year. We know that gamers everywhere have fallen in love with Hodge and are dying to know more about him and his background. With Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey we are offering players a chance to find out a little more about their beloved feline companion.

To celebrate the release of Hodge’s Journey, it will be possible to purchase the original main game, Another Sight, on Steam with a 40% discount till 19th November 2018.


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About Lunar Great Wall Studios
Formed in 2016, Lunar Great Wall Studios was founded to create unique and compelling experiences; new and emotional games that inspire and engage. With a wealth of experience, Lunar Great Wall Studios is already crafting several projects, the first of which is Another Sight.

About Another Sight
ANOTHER SIGHT is a surreal fantasy adventure set towards the end of the Victoria era. After construction works on the London Underground collapse, Kit loses her sight. Lost and alone in darkness, Kit meets Hodge, a mysterious red-furred cat. Together, they team up for an adventure through the surreal.  In searching for a way home, they will need each of their unique talents to tackle environments, intriguing puzzles and encounter a hidden society of the greatest inventors and artistic minds from a time long past.

About Another Sight – Hodge’s Journey
ANOTHER SIGHT – HODGE’s JOURNEY is a free prequel story to ANOTHER SIGHT.  Players are put in the paws of Hodge the cat to solve puzzles and uncovers new mysteries as he travels between the world of dreams and the world of the real to rendezvous with Kit at the start of their adventure below London.