24 Entertainment Unveils F5 — an International Digital Videogames Conference


All-new digital event goes live on July 30; sees developers collaborating and co-promoting upcoming releases

Friday 24th July 2020, Beijing, China — 24 Entertainment | The developers behind upcoming title NARAKA BLADEPOINT, today announced the upcoming digital conference F5, which will take place on July 30. 

Working in collaboration with games developers from across the world, F5 aims to bridge the gap between East and West, showcasing the best of both markets. The event will offer early insight for Western media into some truly groundbreaking titles and the studios behind them.

The conference which takes place on Thursday July 30 — at 0430 (New York), 1230 (London) and 1930 (Beijing) — will see 24 Entertainment host prestigious developers such as Cube Game, Devolver Digital, FYOD-Studio, Indie Nova, Leiting Games, Pathea, Tap, Thinking Stars and Zodiac Interactive; in a collective effort to drive player awareness across the world. Featuring over 30 individual titles, F5 will bear witness to exclusive reveals and never-before-seen footage — and will include news about Anno Mutationem, Bright Memory, Hardcore Mecha, Taiwo’s Scroll, Pascal’s Wager and many more.

For more information about F5, as well as interview opportunities and deeper dives into some of the titles on show, please contact: gary@heavenmedia.com, danni@heavenmedia.com or charlotte@heavenmedia.com.